2 Persons Disguised As Sevayats Enter Gundicha Temple ,Detained by Police


Puri –: Two people have allegedly entered the Gundicha temple dressed as sevayats. According to sources, two youths have been detained by the police for allegedly entering Gundicha temple disguised as servitors of lord Jagannath in the morning today. 

The disguised persons have been identified as Abhijit Mohanty, a resident of Kumbharpada and Smruti Ranjan Mohanty hailing from Markandsahi area of Puri. 

The sevayats engaged in the service of the Holy Trinity identified them as not being one amongst them and alerted the Srimandir Police. Later on the Srimandir police handed them over to the Kumbharpada police. 

Presently they are being interrogated by Kumbharpada police.  


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